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    WEST PALM BEACH: we have a FREE mall show tonight!!! 7 PM at City Place!!!! COME SAY HI 😁🎉💃 and also, #HappyBirthdayLisaCim @youreallmuggles 😊🎂💕🌸🍥


  4. Anonymous said: I hate being quiet, shy, and socially awkward. I feel like it makes me miss out on a lot of things. It definitely affects a lot of aspects in my life such as school, work, and mostly my friends. I don't why or how I'm like this when everyone in my family is loud and outgoing in some way, but I'm not and I feel like such a crappy human being.


    I’m really sorry that you feel that way!! I know a lot of people like that, and i know it’s not fun. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being introverted or shy! It’s a totally natural thing for most people! 

    I think most parents and just people in general have this mentality that being introverted is a thing you shouldn’t be proud of, or something that needs to change, but I think that it is NOTHING to be ashamed of! I think you should try to practice introducing yourself to new people, or practice having conversations with people, or just practice interaction with others because as you said, its a key part of life lol. BUT on the other hand, you should embrace the qualities that come with being introverted!! You’re naturally witty and deep and passionate about certain topics. You’re smart, you’re loyal, and you are just as amazing as any outgoing person!! You are FAR from a crappy human! Your social skills should not affect how you feel about your self worth, because it’s not something that comes naturally to everyone, even most people! Being naturally quiet is NOTHING to be ashamed of and i hate when shy people put themselves down, or outgoing people put shy people down because of the way they were born and the way their brain works!! I LOVE awkward people, and I LOVE having conversations with introverts cause once you get to know them, they’re really amazing humans. 

    What i’m trying to say is that whether someone is shy or outgoing, loud or quiet, naturally social or totally not, it does NOT affect their worth and no one should EVER be ashamed of their natural personalities and their normal selves! Good luck, I hope you find the confidence that’s inside you and try to put yourself out there fearlessly, and that you find awesome friends and surround yourself with people who realize how amazing you really are. :)

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  6. Um professor de Filosofia entra na sala de aula, põe a cadeira em cima da mesa e escreve no quadro: “Provem-me que esta cadeira não existe”. Apressadamente, os alunos começam a escrever longas dissertações sobre o assunto. No entanto, um dos alunos escreve apenas duas palavras na folha e entrega-a ao professor. Este, quando a recebe, não pode deixar de sorrir depois de ler: “Que cadeira?”

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    1. -Hi
    2. -Hi!
    3. -What happened with you?
    4. -I just need help
    5. -I can help you?
    6. -If you're my Idols
    7. -But What They can do that and I can't?
    8. -They can say "You are perfect and I'll love you till the end"
    9. -But I can do this!
    10. -Yes, You can But will be different!
    11. I need help..
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